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      This place is great! It's like Mexican Town quality but in Livonia. My boyfriend and I went here on a whim on our way home from Plymouth one night (restaurants there are always packed and we were starving and I found this on google maps) and we both decided we'll go back again when we're starving to relive the experience! The food is great and the guys who run the place are really sweet. They give you your food in to-go containers but there are a couple tables inside so you can sit and eat if you can't wait to take it home. And we really couldn't wait! We'll be back again soon! :D

    thumb Angela G.

      Magically Delicious. Best Mexican takeout ever. Everything tastes fresh. Pico is amazing. Why does Yelp keep telling me my review is too short?

    thumb Jennifer T.

      Been meaning to go to El Coyote Loko for YEARS!  It's always been on the back burner and I never felt motivated to go until the I-96 closure that started this week.  Slow moving traffic is a definite motivator especially when it's much better waiting for food than it is waiting in traffic.  

    I've already been there twice this week so that's gotta say something, I must really crave Mexican food when I am stuck in traffic.

    My husband told me that this joint is owned by the same people who own Armando's in Mexicantown so the food is similar.  He stated it was less greasy but still as good as Armando's.

    I really enjoyed the hard tacos.  I'm usually a soft taco kind of girl but these tacos were so crisp I couldn't help but eat more than one.  

    The Coyotitos are my new obsession.  Flour chips?  Why can't I find flour chips anywhere else?  They were especially good when eaten immediately.  I just wish there were more jalapenos on it.

    Now I'm kicking myself wishing I had actually made the effort to try this place years ago.  I guess that finding "new" food spots can be seen as a positive to the hell that I'll be living for the new few months with I-96 being shut down.  I foresee myself becoming a regular very soon.  Makes for a great snack in the car on the long trek home.

    thumb Stefanie D.

      El Coyote Loko is easily one of the best Mexican options in Metro Detroit.  Some of the best items to order are:

    - Steak/Chicken Fajitas
    - Mexican Tacos
    - Beef Burritos
    - Chicken Enchiladas

    The salsa is also amazing.  I generally stick to some combination of the above, and it's always great.  The consistency of the taste of the food is incredible; it literally tastes the same now (if not better) as it did 10-15 years ago.

    This a take-out place - I wouldn't recommend eating in, although they do have tables and seats.

    thumb James C.

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