El Coyote Loko - Tex-Mex Restaurant in Livonia

      Nine dollars for two - less than mediocre tacos, decent rice and beans and a bottle of water. I read the reviews and saw "authentic" so, knowing what "authentic" Mexican is, decided to give it a try. The tacos were in a deep fried corn tortilla - crunchy to a point of almost over cooked. I really just like a soft corn tortilla so this was the first disapointment since there was nothing to indicate this style of taco. Okay cool, I thought no biggie, let's dig in and see what this baby's got. That was when the real let down happened - ground beef - and not high end ground beef - more like a pink slim, taco bell ground beef.

    If you are new to this place, as they seem to have a following, ask questions before placing your order. I clearly missed something and messed my own up. I see pictures that resemble authentic, but I think they defaulted me to what I know as "American style". Oh well, the search continues for better Mexican food. The have concluded good Mexican food in this area is as elusive as big foot.

    thumb Doug V.

      Perfect lunch or dinner carry out place. There are four small tables if you get there early enough you can score a seat. Otherwise plan on taking it with you.
    You can get a lunch with pop for $7ish. I had the bean burritos and chips and salsa. The lunches come with rice and beans. Wow. Super fresh, perfectly spicy and the beans are the perfect consistency.
    I didn't find that the wait was long, but if it is perhaps it is because there are many people that call their order in ahead.
    I will be back.

    thumb Rebecca B.

      El Coyote Loco has been our family fav for authentic Mexican cuisine for well over 8 years. The 2 brothers who run the restaurant are lovely people. Try the Coyotitos & Mexican tacos. Don't drive to Mexicantown when you can get a taste of that right here in our own burb!

    thumb Rebecca G.

      Always great! Small space inside, but they have a few tables and it's pleasant to eat there. Love the salsa and refried beans. My boyfriend orders the beef chimichangas and they are awesome. Lunch is much cheaper so I always try to go then.

    thumb Amber L.

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